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WordPress Support

Who is WordPress Support for?

Our WordPress Support service is aimed at individuals and businesses already using WordPress to power their website.

Perhaps you have a really nice new website, but you’re feeling a little lost in the management and upkeep of WordPress?

Maybe you’ve tried Googling a solution to your problem but end up getting lost in a world of PHP, HTML and JavaScript jargon?

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, it’s incredibly common and you’re not alone. Read on to see how we can help with WordPress Support.

On Demand WordPress Help

We’re WordPress experts at your service. Throughout the day we’re available to help with all manner of WordPress support solutions, no matter how small.

Typical requests we often receive include:

  • I’ve updated a Plugin/Theme and something has broken…
  • Can you safely update WordPress for me…
  • Can you change the colour of this…
  • I would like a different font style…
  • Can you move [something] to [somewhere]…
  • I want a new image here…

Think we can help? We’ve heard it all before and we’re almost certainly able to give assistance Get in touch.

Tasks such as migrations, new functionality or even complete redesigns are certainly possible too, but as these can take an extended period of time we may have to make room in our schedule at the nearest availability.

We encourage you to get a free quote for any task you deem necessary, and we’ll get back to you with our support availability and an estimate of time and budget required.


View our Plans and Pricing page to see up-to-date rates for our range of services.

Any Questions?

Check out our FAQs, or go ahead and ask us a question. We’re a friendly bunch and look forward to hearing from you!

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