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WordPress Hack Fix

Are you a victim of Hacking?

Getting your website hacked is not a pleasant experience. Depending on the severity of the hack it can affect years worth of work on your site and impact the trust of the brand you’ve worked hard to build.

There are many ways in which a hacked website can present itself. The most common we see is a simple defacing of the site, or the creation of a few rogue files used for spam campaigns and phishing. But we’ve seen more malicious hacks including complete database wipes.

Most hacks are automated by large networks, so try not to feel personally attacked if your site is hacked. Most of the time they’re not out to get you personally – you’re just an innocent victim in a large scale hack attempt.

But you’ll need to get a hacked website fixed as soon as possible. The safety of your users is a priority, and your popularity could take a serious hit. For example, Google can tell if a website has been hacked and it will inform any potential visitors upon clicking on your site from Google that it is compromised and should not be accessed.

Fixing a Hacked WordPress Site

Most hacks we see are relatively straightforward to solve. Our experience in fixing hacked sites gives us the knowledge needed on knowing where to look for infected files, and how to dig deep into the site and flush out any compromised files.

Unfortunately, it’s not always good news when it comes to fixing a hacked website. Sometimes the recovery of a badly hacked site largely relies on working from a backup. And it’s all too common we see websites that have no backup plan in place.

So I cannot stress this enough: Backup Your Website. Now and continuously.

Very rarely there have been cases we’ve seen where there’s no possible way to fix the hacked website due to the severity of the hack and a lack of any sort of backup. But this is very rare.

Once we’ve fixed the hacked site, you’re going to want to take measures to prevent this ever happening again. We’ll walk you through some comprehensive security measures to put in place to increase the security of your website going forward.


We can’t offer a fixed price for fixing a hacked website due to the severity of the hack and differing complexities involved. It is charged at our standard hourly rate. We’ve previously fixed a lightly compromised website in as little as two hours.

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