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Payment Methods

We have many methods available to facilitate a safe and easy transfer of payments due.

Bank Transfer

We have a UK bank account readily available to take all direct bank transfer payments. This is by far the easiest method of payment, and we recommend using this in almost all cases.

Our Bank details, including Account Number and Sort Code, will be listed on any invoice you receive from ProWP.

Paying Monthly?

Monthly payments are arranged via a Standing Order between your bank and ours. Payments are to be made at the beginning of every month, to pay for that month’s service.


We have an active PayPal account if you’d rather pay with this method. Do note that all PayPal payments incur a surcharge to cover the fees that PayPal impose. We’ll inform you of the fees on your invoice (usually a small percentage of the total), so please make us aware should you wish to pay via PayPal.


We’re happy to provide the option of paying with Bitcoin, at our discretion. We’ll use the current day trading rates as basis for the amount due, and provide you with our Bitcoin address when required. We may even use a third party provider for added security and ease of use.

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