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What is WordPress?

How WordPress empowers your website

Which WordPress?

I’ll preface this answer by explaining both types of WordPress you may come across in the wild (yes, there are two types of WordPress – bear with me). is a simple, free service used to create a simple website or a blog. It’s fully hosted and taken care of by WordPress themselves, is branded as a WordPress product and offers little in the way of customisation and extensibility. It’s great if you’re happy with sharing news stories and updates, but if you want a fully fledged website that you have total control of, is the service you need.

Very simply, WordPress (we’re talking about now) is what’s known as a Content Management System, or CMS. A CMS allows you to take complete control of the content of your website without knowing how to code. You can easily create and update pages, insert images and change the style of your website by clicking a few buttons. Simple!

The only caveat of using is that it is a self-hosted solution. This means you’ll need to procure a Domain Name and Hosting to begin using your WordPress website – but ProWP is more than capable of assisting with that.

Open Source

A great thing about WordPress is the fact that it is Open Source. Tens of thousands of talented people around the World have made contributions to WordPress to allow it to become the extensive, powerful software application it is today. And it gets better every single day.

WordPress lets you easily open an online shop, create a powerful membership system, culture and maintain a thriving social network and much more. Thanks to the continued support from thousands of third-party developers, the WordPress ecosystem is limitless in potential.

Themes? Plugins?

WordPress is a powerful CMS thanks to it’s use of Themes and Plugins. These make WordPress infinitely expandable, and the worldwide WordPress community continually create new Themes and Plugins for enhanced functionality.

Themes are what WordPress uses to structure and style your website, plus add some necessary core functionality. WordPress Themes can be found for free online, or you can purchase premium Themes from reputable sellers. If you’re willing to part with a generous sum, you can even contract a WordPress developer (like us!) to create your very own bespoke WordPress Theme design.

Plugins are what WordPress uses to further the functionality of your website. Think of them as an extension to your Theme. We’ve written a comprehensive overview of WordPress Plugins here on the website, so do have a read.

How Safe is WordPress?

Like any system that relies on user logins, passwords and trust from third-party developers, WordPress is as vulnerable as its weakest link. However with a solid development team behind you with years of experience in WordPress best practices (just like ProWP), it’s as safe as any other platform.

Common sense prevails when dealing with WordPress – just like any other website. Ensure you have strong, unique passwords and always ensure you’re installing Themes or Plugins from trusted sources. ProWP can give advice in all aspects of WordPress safety and security.


WordPress powers more than 25% of the entire web – a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress. With such a broad uptake, and corporations such as Adobe, BBC America, LinkedIn and Marks & Spencer utilising its power, why not join them?

This is only a brief overview, and barely scratches the surface of what WordPress is capable of. If you want to find out more, please get in touch and we’d love to help. Working with us at ProWP allows you to join the WordPress ranks in the easiest way possible!

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